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"...The benefits have surpassed my expectations."

Sam Craw, NMT, has been my massage therapist for the past year and he has helped me successfully work out a serious knee and hip injury. Prior to my sessions with Sam,  I had been seen by both a medical doctor and a chiropractor prior and was not getting results. It was becoming painful to walk any distance.  I did not like the idea of knee surgery but became increasingly concerned that I might need to go that route. 

I contacted Sam and together we developed a treatment plan that consisted of alternate 90 and 30 minute sessions with deep tissue massage and assisted stretching.  He showed me how to breathe deeply during stretches to get a good amount of oxygen to the muscles.  We worked out strength building exercises and stretches for me to work on between sessions. He has fixed my knee.

Not only has the treatment has been successful, but the benefits have surpassed my expectations.  It would be enough that I am now able to walk long distances with no knee pain. But I have also noticed a dramatic improvement in my posture and sense of balance. My flexibility has improved and I am far more comfortable in my body than I was a year ago. 


Sam is professional and committed to his craft, I recommend him highly.

Will Dollinger

Web Developer 

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