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"Two months after being in a serious car accident..."

Two months after being in a serious car accident, I received a massage from Sam Craw as a Christmas present. I had been on bed rest and then in a wheelchair since the accident, and my whole body was stiff and sore. I was nervous about getting massaged in my condition, but Sam was very understanding of my medical needs and my limited mobility. He helped me on and off the massage table, asked lots of questions about my injuries and what I was comfortable with, and then gave me an extremely relaxing deep massage without hurting me at all. He seemed to intuitively know which areas to focus on, and he found muscles I didn’t even know were aching – he even massaged the knots out of my jaw, which I hadn’t been able to close properly since the accident. It was absolute heaven! Sam truly has magic hands, and his neuromuscular massage made me feel more relaxed and pain-free than I ever thought possible after my accident.

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