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I am dedicated to helping you recover from the trauma and strain of your everyday life or an unfortunate injury/disorder, to bringing comfort and well-being back to the norm, and to giving you the energy and ability to excel. Please peruse the site to get a sense of what Neuromuscular Therapy has to offer you and how I can share those benefits with you and yours.

I am now offering discounted package deals on sessions purchased together!

Check it all out with the Package Deals!

Your dollars go to work on your back!
I am offering $50 OFF any new-comer for their 1st massage appointment with me until July 4th!
Come see what your dollars can do for your health and kick the summer off right!

***$50 BOUNTY***
If one of your family or friends complete a massage, YOU get a $50 referral bounty on your next massage!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for news, updates, and limited-time deals. There's much more to come!

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